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in the heart of Normandy between Deauville and the D-day beaches, discover our Bed and Breakfast in a Romantic Château...

Château & park

A cadastral map made under Napoleon Bonaparte in 1810 shows the Launay property still included the old château surrounded by a moat, a caretaker's cottage and a farm with a duck pond. Being of modest size, the château was probably not the main residence of the de Launay family, but more likely a summer residence or hunting lodge.

In 1850, the property was owned by the Monblant family who constructed a new house on the site of the old château in the Second Empire style. The moat was filled in since it had not served any defensive function anymore since ages. The public road, which cut through the property was abandoned and a 400m driveway was constructed, to connect the property to another road bordering the fields.
When strolling through the park you are treated to a concert of singing birds. This little pavillion was used to preserve small game after the hunt. Many decorative details remind of the Monblant family, whose M appears on the wind vane, doors and wall decorations.
Late in the day you can often hear our resident couple of owls, preparing for their start of the day.
Bambi's breakfast snack
A dip in the pool after a day of sightseeing...
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